donderdag 14 november 2013

Dare to give

#DareToAsk is by now a well known tag. I wrote about it in this post.

In this post I would like to encourage you to GIVE. To give away  for free on and in your work and office. Tag: #Dare ToGive.

It was about two years ago that I spoke with a collegue in his room at the office. There was a pile of old SF books in his room, and when I enquired about them, he told they were free. If I was interested, I could take some. I browsed through them, found a copy of a book which I thought I might like, thanked him and walked away with it. At home I read it, and later talked with him about what I liked in it.

This spring a collegaue in my own room brought some inktjet cartridges with him, and put them on a prominent place in the room. He expaliend that it were cartridges that he no longer needed, as he had a new printer. Any one who could use them was free to take them home. I remembered I too had some cartridgess of a diffferent supplier. It took me a month before I got around to take them too the office too, and just before I left that room someone had take the cartridges because he still had such an inktjet printer.

Today I visited a supplier, and while I took the stairs up I noticed a pile of music cd's. Again, any one who wished was free to take them. I found two that might be fir for in the car and happily took them with me.

What is there that you want to give away for free?

Yes of course you could try to sell it on ebay. But are you really getting around to that in the next month? Yes, if you give it away someone else could take them all and sell it on ebay. But most people won't. Try it.

 What is there that you want to give away for free?

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