woensdag 6 oktober 2010

Nesma newsletter

This morning the nesma newsletter artived.

Exin has planned 1 more FPA examination, on nov. 23. When i looked earlier this week, they had not yet updated their calender, but nesma seems to know the exin dates better than exin itself.

There are also a couple of new downloads,
* Begroten (Estimate)
* Exploitatielasten (exploitation costs)
* Softwaremetrieken (software metrics)
* FPA in het Voortraject (FPA in the early stages of a project)
* Measure! Knowledge! Action!
* FPA in Early Phases
* Productiviteitsattributen (productivity attributes)
* Functional Sizing Reference Model
Where the pdfs are in dutch, i have added the english translation between brackets. Interesting reading stuff.

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