donderdag 26 augustus 2010

Even the best may err...

The newspapers paid a lot of attention to Gmails new phonecall function. And that Google recalled it for all foreign users, granting it only to its US and Canada customers. I checked yesterday, and seemed to have missed it.

Great was my surprise this morning, when I found that I DO have gmails phone call function, see screenshot. The function now seems to be available for everyone, but free calls can only be made to fixed numbers in the US and Canada. A very nice solution, as it allows free calls from Europe to the US and Canada. I am not sure if everyone got the function, or that it only shows up because my interface language is set to US English. If the latter is the cause, you might wish to change your setting. Every gamil user also got a calling credit of 0.10 dollarcent to try it.

Even the best may err...
And the very best will use it to come up with something even better.

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